Euroblast Middle East based in Dubai is awarded in April 2021, The world’s first facility of Surface Preparation and Coating of Jack-Up Leg sections by Robot application by International Maritime Industries - IMI (A Joint Venture between Aramco, Lamprell & Hyundai Heavy Construction Company). Euroblast won this LSTK Project amongst various international bidders across the world who participated in the tender, thanks to the innovative ideas and technical experience Euroblast gained over the last 3 decades in the Middle East in building ENVIORNMENT FIREINDLY big facilities. Euroblast is busy in Engineering, Procurement, and Installation of the project on a war footing as the same need to be handed over to M/S International Maritime Industries (IMI) in August 2022. This State of Art Facility consist of Robotic Blasting Facility - Equipped with Gantry and Telescopic Boom to integrate and run the Fanuc Robot in a 25-meter-High building, Gantry & Telescopic Boom & Basket in two Paint facility at 25-meter height. The facility can produce 200 leg sections of 10 meter diameter and 14 meter height in a 75 meter long building to start and finish the process of Blasting , primer, Intermediate and top coat ( with inspection at each stage). The weight of each Leg section is 100 Ton and is transferred through transfer car passing through each stage of work.
This is a King Salman Global Maritime Industries Complex shipyard in Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia and upon completion, it will be the largest shipyard in the world.This will be a state of art facility for Shipbuilding & Maritime and Oil & Gas Sector stretching over 12km x 5km area, where many International companies are already participating for support service to the Complex.