ArcMaster 300
The ArcMaster 300 is a dependable high-performance twin-wire arc spray system designed for reliable and cost effective deposition of a full range of metal coatings from solid or cored wides of 1.6-2.3 mm dia (1/16"-3/32").
The thermal spray gun is durable, lightweight, and utilizes a powerful pull mechanism which helps maintain a consistent coating quality during spraying. The lightweight and robust one-piece polymer frame of the gun contains just a handful of additional metal parts, making it simple to operate and service. ArcMaster 300 is also available in a high feed rate (HFR) configuration that is optimized for materials with low melting points, such as zinc and aluminum.
Applications Wear resistance Anti-corrosion Repair and maintenance Corrosion protection of steel and naval constructions Corrosion protection of concrete structures Corrosion protection off shore
Features Lightweight gun (4.2 lb / 1.9 kg) Durable design for harsh industrial environments Spray head with interchangeable nozzles, supporting a wide range of atomizing air flows (including a high-velocity option) to meet the required coating structure Pull mechanism with a powerful Swiss made DC motor with planetary gear head enclosed in a dust proof protective housing provides smooth feeding of wire stock and ensures a stable arc Streamlined ergonomic design Hardened steel wire guides Wire feed rollers provide reliable wire grip for slip-free operation with both hard solid and malleable cored wires Maintenance free worm gearbox with life expectancy of 10,000-12,000 hours Tungsten-copper alloy contact tips
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