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Plural-Component Sprayer A Smart Alternative to Hand-mixing
The Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer is designed to pump, mix and atomize high-viscosity, materials with superior results.
  • Six fixed mix ratios are available: 1:1, 1.5:1. 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1 and 4:1.
  • With the Graco XP70, you eliminate waste and save money because you only mix as much material as you need.
  • Reduced cleaning time means you save labour costs and increase uptime.
  • Operators are up and running in just minutes, with a minimum amount of training time. The Graco XP70 runs right out of the box with nothing to set up.
  • Engineered to proportion with two pumps instead of three, the Graco XP70 cuts preventive maintenance by at least one-third.
Standard Delivery
  • NXT Air Motor
  • Outlet Manifold and Valves
  • Xtreme® Pump Lowers
  • Material Hoppers
  • Compact Cart-mounted
  • Mix Manifold provides simple fluid control for mixing or flushing
  • XP Pressure Monitor Kit With an optional XP Pressure Monitor Kit, you have the assurance that your Graco XP70 is spraying on-ratio. It monitors the spray pressures on the "A" and "B" components, and shuts down the sprayer if conditions occur such as running out of material, pump cavitation, packing failures, leaks in valves or fittings, or plugged filters.
  • NXT™ Air Motor The NXT™ air motors offer increased power, reduced icing, low noise and the introduction of DataTrak, an integrated pump monitoring system innovation.

Graco XP70 Plural Component Sprayer

Protective Coatings Application with XP70
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