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For large operation and for eco-friendly environment portable paint booth (Spray paint Booth) are installed with paint extraction systems.
They not only provide dust free environment for proper painting but also extract paint over spray which may be disposed of safely. Euroblast design, manufacture, installs and commission both dry type & wet type (no pump) paint booth to customer requirement in Dubai, UAE.
Paint spray booth Technology Limited operates from a purpose built design and manufacturing facility in Suffolk which has proved to provide the ideal environment for innovative development of technology and the establishment of the business's core values - service, quality and value for money.
Euroblast operates on a consultative basis, taking an analytical approach to assess the customers' needs and propose the most cost effective and practical solution. This enables us to guarantee that we'll identify the most practical and economic solution for very application!

Details - Paint Spray Booth in Dubai

Euroblast offers a range of paint spray booth based application including road marking paint and refinishing solutions for a broad range of markets which include..

Top-notch Road Marking Paint Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Euroblast Middle East provides a variety of Road Marking Paint to our valued clients, based on our extensive industry experience. The products in this collection are made with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. Road Markings are well-liked by customers because of their high wear resistance, longer service life, and weather resistance. These goods are available to our valued customers based on their specifications.
Customers can choose from a wide choice of Road Marking Paints that we offer. These materials are abrasion-resistant and well-known for their excellent adhesion and fast drying times. These goods are well regarded by clients due to attributes like abrasion resistance, rapid drying, and outstanding adhesive properties. These products are made with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies. Road markings are an important part of boosting road safety while keeping costs down. A vehicle's headlight beam is returned to the driver's vision thanks to the paint's retro-reflective effect at night.
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