For high productivity and dust free environment, Euroblast design, manufacture, install and commission Blast rooms of various sizes depending on the customer requirement.
In principle, the abrasive is recovered, processed and recycled with dust extraction system.

Blast Room - Some of the key features

Abrasive recovery system - can be either semi automatic or fully automatic, with either cross conveyor or under floor hoppers - feedback via screw conveyors, vibrating chute or belt conveyor.
Ventilation and dust extraction - effective collection of dust formed during blast cleaning and its separation is of utmost importance. Inlet and outlet openings as well as ducting are adequately dimensioned to ensure constant ventilation of the blast room. Euroblast provides adequate dust collection system as part of the Blast room. The filter media is made of needle felt cloth bags or web-type cartridges capable of extracting dust up to 3.
Lighting - A minimum of 500 to 600 LUX on eye level is provided for unhindered view. Special dust proof and abrasive resistant lamp covers are provided for lights.
Our Technical tie-up partner, SES, are the pioneers in the manufacture of all types of blast cleaning equipment, SES can manufacture and supply a full range of blasting equipment from small portable compressed air blast vessel to large custom built installations, all tailored to suit individual requirements. The SES range of high efficiency blast cleaning machines has the ability to clean, prepare and finish an extensive range of standard and complex components quickly, economically and effectively. These specialist-cleaning machines are renowned for their performance and adaptability
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