EUROBLAST DH 1,000 M3/h - EUROBLAST DH 18,000 m3/h Dehumidifier

Euroblast dehumidifier Machines provide humidity control especially in blast and paint applications and allow to paint and sandblast at suitable humidity. Our dehumidifier machines produced using silica-gel rotors minimize the drying time by providing heat and humidity balance and prepare corrosion prevention environment.
  • Models from 1,000 m³/h to 18,000 m³/ h.
  • The pre-cool and after-cool versions are optional.
  • Strong design with steel case and screws.
  • The ability to easily remove and install spare parts.
  • Large air inlet grille and filters.
  • Adjustable dehumidification capacity and air outlet heat adjustment.
  • Usability in interior and exterior areas
  • Dry air pressure up to 1200 pascal.
Dehumidifier is mainly used in the following industries and sectors:
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Foundries
  • Tank Manufacturing
  • Petro Chemistry
  • food
  • Textile

Euroblast - Dehumidifier Supplier in UAE - Technicial Specifications

  • EUROBLAST Dehumidification Machines vary from 1,000m3 / h to 18,000m3 / h. Depending on the application of Moisture Acceptors Relative Humidity (RH) in Indoor environment can be reduced to levels of 10-15% from 90% levels.
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