Vacuum Recovery System

Vacuum Systems for the effective recovery or clearing of particulate materials
The AGMEC HoggaJet and JetPump- compact air operated vacuum systems. Tried and tested over many years in the most arduoud situations and found to be efficient, cost effective alternatives for the recovery or removal of particulate materials
This pneumatically operated system is probably the simplest and toughest vacuum recovery system currently available. Incorporating the JetPump as the prime mover, it can produce above 14“ Hg of Vacuum when connected to an air supply of 250 cfm at 80 psi. At these levels 5-6 ton per hour recovery rates can be attained.
With just two units, a hopper/cyclone and a filter box, the Hoggajet is flexible and extremely robust system that‘s easy to use, with the performance of larger, more expensive machines. The system will in fact recover solids up to 50mm (2“) in diameter over distances in excess of 100 meters, dependent upon particle size, type of material volume and pressure of air supply.
Maintenance and operator attention is reduced to a minimum, as the HoggaJet has only one moving part. With no electrical power required, there‘s no risk of fire or explosion, particularly important in inflammable areas.
The system conforms to all Health and Safety at Work Acts, particularly in respect of the noise levels-83 db at meters
Method of Operation
All material is recovered through the gulper suction head and drawn via the rubber lined hose into the cyclone. The vortex created separates the very fine dusts from the heavier particles which fall, under gravity, into the hopper. A dump valve on the hopper is operated by an adjustable timer which can be set to suit the recovery.
Any remaining dust travels along the flexible intermediate hose to the filter box. Inside the box the 18 filter socks collect the dust as the air stream passes through. Clean air discharged through the JetPump and silencer to atmosphere. The filter socks are automatically cleaned each time the machine stops by reverse pulsing into the dust compartment situated at the bottom of the filter box
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