Disinfectant Surface Sprays use to gas, electric, battery or manually-powered spray disinfectants on door handles, railings, countertops, tables, chairs, toilets, sinks, shopping carts and more. They come in a variety of sizes from handheld options for small areas to towable, skid-mounted units for large outdoor spaces.

When you are looking for the best quality disinfectant products and equipment, you can trust the top-quality, professional-grade disinfectant supplies from Euroblast Middle East. We supply a varied collection of disinfectant sprays, surface disinfectants, and disinfectant machines that are most essential for cleaning and sanitizing to disinfection service providers.
Electrostatic Sprays
Electrostatic Sprays produce charged droplets of disinfectants that exits the spray nozzle and sticks to the surface of an object’s sides, curves, crevices, etc. Their key feature of portability enables complete directional control highly efficient application by the operator.
Disinfecting Foggers
Disinfecting Foggers produce ultra-fine droplets that enhance the effectiveness of the chemical disinfectants and can cover surface areas that sprayers may not be able to reach. The smaller size of the droplet enables decreased dry time, reduced application cost and virtual assurance of thorough application.
Air Scrubbers
Air Scrubber systems filter and clean the air by removing tiny airborne particles from the environment, allowing people to constantly breathe clean, fresh, healthy air. Made exclusively for indoor use, multiple units can also be connected together for filtering air in large spaces.
Pressure Washers
The power and accuracy of Pressure Washers help to effectively clean a surface prior to disinfecting. It is available in various types like the electric pressure washers which are most suitable for indoors, gas-powered units which are best for outdoors, hot water pressure washers that can sanitize with spraying water and steam at temperatures as high as 250°F, and cold water pressure washers that can remove dirt and grime from surfaces.
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