Fire Proofing in UAE

Used as part of a building’s passive strategy for fire proofing in UAE, fire proofing sprays are an easy to apply and highly effective fireproofing solution for steel and concrete structures in high-risk environments. They are used to protect structural elements like beams, columns, steel joists, and metal decking from the heat generated during a fire.

Fire Proofing Spray

Fire proofing sprays are fully weatherproof and offer durable and reliable protection against fire, blast and explosions. They have thermal and acoustic properties to control condensation and insulate steel and metal decking from the high temperatures found during a fire. These sprays tend to be dense but lightweight, thus offering a long-term fire protection solution that is easy to install and maintain.

Typically applied in industrial production sites, chemical plants and the oil and gas industry, they can prevent steel beams from bending and concrete beams from cracking and spalling should a fire occur. They can also be applied on gas tanks, containers or barrels of gas and oil as a heat-absorbing safety barrier against explosion and heat.

GH Big Rig Sprayers

Large Gas Hydraulic Sprayers

For Spraying Waterproofing, Roofing, Fire Proofing Spray And Protective Coatings
For 30 years, contractors have turned to the GH line of gas hydraulic sprayers when they needed maximum performance and unmatched versatility. The tradition continues with the all new line of GH Big Rig sprayers.
High production architectural coatings, bridges, waterproofing and air barrier, roofing, fire proofing spray and protective & marine coatings: spray the most aggressive applications, without the need of an expensive air compressor to haul around!
Ultimate Portability
No air compressor to haul around, so no issues with air supply and air hoses.
Maximum Performance
The proven 9.7 kW (13 HP) Honda engine with integrated fuel tank, supplemented with an optional electric start system.
Extreme Versatility
Trade off high pressure with high flow and select the right sprayer for the right job.
Whether you are an entry level contractor needing a smaller gas powered hydraulic sprayer, or require the most powerful hydraulic sprayer in the industry for the highest production, Graco has the right sprayer for you. Our selection of hydraulic sprayers includes those with a higher flow rate for heavy coverage, high pressure, and units providing maximum performance. All of our hydraulic sprayers are durable, rugged, and built to last.

GH 833 Big Rig

Gas Hydraulic Airless Sprayer

A Gas Hydraulic Unit That Can Spray It All
The GH 833 is the preferred choice for high production professional contractors who spray a wide range of materials. This jobsite-proven workhorse is the answer when you demand ruggedness, performance and value.
Makes spraying faster and easier
1. Exclusive MaxLife Endurance Pump includes QuikChange Pump System and QuikAccess Intake Valve to eliminate down-time.
2. Heavy Duty Cooling System with large 4-gallon reservoir and durable hydraulic filter extends life.
3. Exclusive Graco Hydraulic System with faster, more responsive changeover and high-precision pressure control.
4. Flow-through filter system with inside/out design eliminates clogged filters.
5. Honda Power - 390 cc to deliver maximum performance.
6. NEW ES Models feature Honda Engine with Electric Start and high capacity, 12 Volt 18 amp charging system.
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  • Convertible Gas - Electric with no tools
  • High efficient hydraulic pumping power
  • Upgraded with ProConnect™ & MaxLife™ piston rod
  • Exclusive MaxLife™ Endurance Pump (GH 833)
  • Exclusive Xtreme™ Pump (GH 733/GH 933/GH 1017/GH 2570/GH 5040)
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