Professional electric cleaning system
Introducing electrical pressure washers for the professionals. Performance and construction to withstand real job sites situation day in and day out. Yet, providing the silent power of an electrical engine that only runs on trigger pull. Fully loaded with end users convenient features and loaded with all needed accessories in one easy to carry package.
  • It cleans. Serious impact with combination of flow and pressure
  • It is quiet. With automatic run on/off, engine only runs on demand
  • 1450 rpms. Provides the life professionals demand
  • Fully loaded with all accessories so its ready to be taken on any job
  • Cleaning, Professional Cleaning
  • Soap, Liquid
  • Water
  • Cleaning
  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction, Plastering
  • Body Shop
  • Transportation, Off-Road Vehicles
  • Building & Construction, Contracting
  • Building & Construction, Insulation
  • Building & Construction, Protective Coating
  • Building & Construction, Decorative Painting
  • Building & Construction, Steel Contruction
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Energy, Solar
  • Energy, Waste Water Treatment
  • Energy, Wind
  • Food, Beverages, Cosmetics
  • Horizontal Signalisation
  • Machinery, Machine Tooling
  • Machinery, Mills
  • Mining, On-Road Vehicles
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Service Trucks
  • Transportation, Car
  • Transportation, Railway
  • Transportation, Marine
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Automotive Dealership
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Municipality
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Truck & Bus
  • Wood & Metal Treatment
Standard Delivery
  • 15 meter hose
  • Two lances. Short 50 cm for facade cleaning and 90 cm angled lance for floor and ceilings
  • Pressure gauge
  • 5 meter electric cable with on-board storage
  • Automatic on / off running - The engine only turns on when the trigger is depressed. Provides quiet operation while saving the life of the components.
  • Quick accessory disconnect - Patented QD system provides ultra easy and fast exchange of accessories on the gun. Go from one application to the next with one pull back.
  • Hose reel standard - Get ready to work faster and back home sooner. Fight the dirt, not your hose.
  • On-board chemical tank with cap - Carry the chemical with your AquaMax-E. It just slides onto it. Have a few spare extra tank with you so you can always have the right cleaning product ready to be mounted onto your machine. And of course, AquaMax-E do have a mix ratio knob to control your mix.
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