High quality fine finish spray painting packages for wood, metal applications and car paint equipment
TRITON is an air-operated diaphragm spray painting package that applies a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal parts. TRITON spray painting is a more effective alternative to traditional pressure pots and standard diaphragm pumps.

Paint Spraying Equipment

TRITON is a paint spraying equipment suitable for the Finishing Market. It is primarily used for applying primers, base coats and top coats on steel as well as for spraying stains, sealers and lacquers on wood. Available to with AirPro™ Spray Guns and PRO Xp™ Electrostatic Spray Paint Guns, the TRITON is designed to use a wide range of technologies like Conventional, HVLP, Compliant and Electrostatic Air Spray. It comes with an option of Pail Mount or Cart Mount.

Key Application Areas For Spray Painting

  • General Metal Fabrication
  • Farm and Construction
  • Truck and Bus
  • Automotive Components and Touch-up
  • Wood Furniture and Cabinetry
  • Wood, Windows and Doors
  • Customized Wood

Benefits of Paint Spraying Equipment

  • High Quality Finish Low pulsation output and smooth pump change over deliver a consistent spray pattern.
  • Easy-to-use Quick colour changes and fast material refills save time and money.
  • Rugged Construction Stainless steel or aluminum pump handles a wide variety of fluids.
  • Key Application Areas
  • Paint Spraying, Air Spray Pneumatic, Spray Painting
  • Transportation, Aeronautics
  • Transportation, Railway
  • Wood & Metal Treatment
  • Building & Construction, Decorative Painting
Standard Delivery
  • Available paint spray booth with General Metal, Wood or Waterborne AirPro Guns.
  • High-Flow Air Regulators Supplies up to 35% extra air flow to gun for superior atomization.
  • Durable Metal TRITON Pump Provides low maintenance and long life.
  • Easy-to-use Circulation Valve Saves material and time during flushing, priming and colour changes.
  • Heavy-Duty Suction Performance Sprays a wide variety of material viscosities.
  • Low Pulsation TRITON Pump Delivers a consistent spray pattern and uniform film thickness.
  • AirPro or PRO Xs Spray Gun Superior finish quality for conventional, HVLP, compliant or electrostatic applications.

Graco Triton 1:1 Air Theory
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