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PIPECOATER tools are designed to coat the inside of pipe or tubing without the need to rotate pipe or tubing and to apply an even paint film thickness throughout. Generally, any type of coating may be used in this tool that can be airless sprayed. To obtain the best possible production, one man should operate the Control Gun while another man pulls the tool through the pipe or tubing.
Any normal airless paint spray pump may be used with the pipe coater tools, however, the minimum pressure ratio should be 30:1. for best results, use an airless pump with a ratio of 45:1 and a capacity of 2.5 u.s. gallons per minute.
Air requirement for PIPECOATER-I is 15 CFM at 95 to 100 psig (400 Litre/Min at 7 BAR).
PIPECOATER-I is designed to coat inner diameters from 4" to 6" (90mm to 155mm).
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