Getting plastered on the building side: M280
A modular design, the M280 presents impressive workmanship that is both lightweight and ideal for building site conditions. Specifically its ease of handling and m-tec reliability make the M280 the mixing pump for all applications.
For instance, the M280 can process all inside and outside machine plasters with the utmost ease.
Presenting an uncluttered array of controls free of superfluous switches, the M280 is a fascinating example of a practical mixing pump that is very easy to operate as well.
Mounted on wheels configured specifically for building site conditions, it an be transported easily at any time. In addition, the M280 can also be hoisted by crane to each of its locations. If there is no crane available, the M280 can be dismantled into its constituent components in just a few simple steps.
Besides bagged materials, the M280 can also be charged from a silo (in conjunction with an m-tec silo, pneumatic conveying system, and filter hood).
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