Elcometer offers one of the widest ranges of inspection equipment available. Our products are used across numerous industry sectors. In all cases, there is always a need to undertake a number of specific inspections during quality control assessments - as one parameter can affect another.
Elcometer has put together a number of inspection kits which are both product and industry specific - combining those gauges from our range into one robust carry case, ideal for transporting to and from the inspection site.
Digital Inspection
  • These digital inspection kits have been specifically designed for the Protective and Industrial Coatings Industry.
Blasting Inspection
  • Includes a range of inspection equipment to test surface profile and contamination of blasted profiles.
Protective Coating Inspection
  • A range of protective coating inspection kits, ideal for the on-site inspection of a coating, metric or imperial.
Hazardous Area Inspection
  • Suitable for use in hazardous areas where electronic equipment is prohibited.
Automotive Inspection
  • Produced specifically for the automotive aftermarket and Insurance Assessors.
Qualicoat & Powder Inspection
  • The Elcometer powder coating inspection kits cover all eventualities in the powder inspection process.
Surface Contamination
  • A range of kits designed to quickly and accurately assess surface contamination before the application of a coating.
Soluble Salt & Ion Specific Inspection
  • Designed to accurately measure surface chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions.
Pinhole & Holiday Detection
  • A range of pinhole & porosity kits designed to meet the most exacting specifications.
HV & AC Duct Inspection Kit
  • Designed for controlling ducting deposits and monitoring their build-up.
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