T-MAX 506 & 657

The first choice for interior plasters and decorative materials

The T-Max is a real solution for applying plasters, rather than just a spraying machine.
  • A very smooth finish: A lot less laying off, up to 30% savings possible compared to manual work.
  • Up to 30 meter hose possible: Spray a complete villa without moving your sprayer or material.
  • Spray airless or air-assisted: Applies almost all plasters without a compressor. Spray decorative materials using an external compressor
Extra light and with cover, the polymer hopper does not rust. The round shape optimises material suction and is the best design for fast and complete mixing.
Extremely light and flexible. To tackle bigger jobs: the quick connecting camlock system allows you to safely extend hose length up to 30 meters by hand, without using extra tools. Allows complete spraying of a villa with two floors without moving your T-Max.
Hose hook
The hose hook ensures that your material hose always stays aligned with your sprayer. This makes it easier to get through narrow spaces.
The lance
Quick and clean, opening/closing avoids spitting. The horizontal design generates optimal material passing, avoiding material clogs. Very light and extremely easy to handle.
Mixer mounting kit (optional)
Fix your personal mixer on the T-Max; adapt the angle for optimal mixing without damaging the hopper. 2 sided mounting options. For interior and exterior mixing.
Runs smoothly and only when material is needed. Thanks to the modular design, you can manually disconnect the motor, making it easier to carry for maintenance, or to stow away safely if not in use.
One-button control
Simple to operate: put the material in the hopper and choose Air-Assisted (green) or Airless mode (blue). Open your lance and off you go.
Mount the handle on the back to move around, or on the front to move like a wheelbarrow: great for climbing stairs!
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