Sandblasting Machines / Blasting Abrasives: Conventional Type

Pressure Blast Machine - Single Chamber & Double Chamber

Highlights - Blasting Abrasives

Our blasting abrasives machines ( Sandblasting abrasive Machines) Ideal for blast cleaning mill scale, pitting and corrosion on steel surfaces
Removal of Mill scale, rust, paint and the creation of an even, keyed surface to accept paint and other coatings is an established and vital first process in the surface preparation & painting industry. In order to carryout the work effectively, Euroblast supplies various types of blasting equipment depending on specific needs.

Details - Sand blasting in UAE

Conventional types of Blasting abrasives machines such as sandblasting machines or blast spot are used to blast clean mill scale, pitting and corrosion on steel surfaces, removing laitence from concrete, underwater blast cleaning, expose re-bar from concrete etc. Single chamber blast machines come with single control valve and is operated by one person. Double chamber blasting machine is used for bigger jobs and continuous operation. The machine comes with two or more control valves.
All machines are manufactured by reputed manufacturers having ISO certification and are TUV certified.
Recommended abrasives are Coal Slag, Copper Slag, Garnet, Steel Shot and Steel Grit, Machines are fitted with Flat Sand Valve / Thomson valve / Dosing valve or Steel Grit valve depending on the abrasive used. Machines are supplied with either Pneumatic or Electro-pneumatic 12/24 V dead-man control valves for remote control operation. For advanced safety operation in petrochemical and shipyard industry, Euroblast recommend Electro-pneumatic remote control valve. For durability and high productivity, Micro valve is recommended for garnet blasting media and steel grit valve for steel grit blasting media.

Sand Blasting
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