duo-mix - The King of the building site!
Excellent mixing and tremendous adaptability for a wide variety of materials are the key properties offered by the duo-mix. The reasons for this: The unique m-tec dual mixing system together with the patented mixing principle - together making a combination that no other mixing pump on the market can offer!
This special feature enables the duo-mix to guarantee the best homogeneous mortar quality, even with those products that are more difficult to mix, like certain construction chemicals, for example. The duo-mix 2000 version in particular has an output that can be continuously adjusted to suit the application, making it particularly suitable for special products. Both versions allow long pumping distances to be achieved.
The areas of application of the duo-mix are very varied. In addition to working as a mixing pump, it can also be converted into a continuous mixer or a mortar pump for processing soft materials. Conversion can be carried out in a few simple steps.
The duo-mix can be fed with bagged material, silo material (in conjunction with an m-tec silo, conveying system and filter hood) as well as with bucket coat materials.
As is typical of all m-tec systems, the duo-mix has easy and quick to use tensioning wedges, enabling important elements such as the worm pump or mixer motor to be replaced in just a few seconds.
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