SPE international Ltd is based in the UK and are specialist manufactures of horizontal and vertical Autoblast machines. The principle of the equipment is the use of a centrifugal blast wheel. The surface to be prepared is impacted and abraded by steel abrasive being propelled at high velocity. The abrasive is immediately reclaimed along with the debris being removed. The abrasive is cleaned and contained for immediate re-use and the debris deposited in a dust collection unit. The standard of cleaning and profile required can be varied. The machines are available in electric and hydraulic design
The SPE series of Horizontal Autoblast machines are mainly used for the preparation of steel and concrete surfaces. The machines can be dismantled to pass through a 600mm wide access hole in storage tanks in the petrochemical industry
Typical application includes the removal of mill scale coatings on offshore platforms, helidecks, ships decks, steel plates etc. and in the petrochemical industry. Concrete preparation including laitance removal and the cleaning and removal of coatings
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