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Entry-level system for pure and hybrid polyurea coatings, polyurea roof coating, and polyurea combo system

Polyurea Coating - Grow your business with polyurea combo system

The Reactor E-10hp is an ideal entry-level system and is great for coating projects such as balconies, pools, waterproofing and bedliner applications. It's a smart, affordable investment that will help your business grow.
Even though it's an entry-level system, it still packs plenty of power. The Reactor E–10hp adds high pressure to give you the power and performance you need to spray polyurea coatings. This compact unit is lightweight and portable–and even runs on residential power so you don't need to invest in a generator.

Boost heat for fast, 20-minute start-up times

With the system's innovative boost heat and insulated tanks, material heats up fast so you are up and running sooner. In fact, you are ready to spray in a fraction of the time, compared to over an hour start-up time on a standard Reactor E-10.

Features of Polyurea Roof Coating

  • Ideal for small to medium projects such as terraces, pools, balconies, tanks, truck bedliners, secondary containment and waterproofing
  • Heats material fast
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Uses standard residential electrical outlets - no generator needed
  • Affordable investment - compared to a standard Reactor which requires a generator and spray rig

Graco Reactor E-10hp for Polyurea -- Fluid Theory
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