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The most important abrasive product is sanding abrasives. They're made up of a single layer of abrasive particles adhered to a flexible backing material with an adhesive. The abrasive utilized, the grit size, the density or spacing of the grit, the adhesive strength, and the flexibility of the backing material all influence the cutting action of coated abrasive items. We routinely utilize ordinary household items like abrasives without giving them any thought. While abrasives are simple in principle and widely used, the variety of goods available and the definitions of numerous product features can make understanding and selecting the right abrasives difficult. The Abrasive ability to work is due to the difference in hardness between the Abrasive and the surface it is used on, with the Abrasive being the harder of the two substances. Any two solid materials that rub against one other, on the other hand, will eventually wear each other out. Euroblast exposes you to the world of best abrasives and helps you in choosing the appropriate abrasive for your needs. When you employ the right abrasive, you'll get a final product that meets or surpasses your expectations.

Highlights - sanding abrasives

"Mol sands" from Mol quarry
M12: the purest grade of silica sand produced by acid leaching. Chemically identical to MAM1
M32: the typical glass sand with low and constant Fe2O3 and AI203 contents
M31: coarser and a trifle less pure than the M32
M34: finer and a trifle less pure than the M32
M62: a calcined M32, much whiter than the original M32
"MAM sands" from our Massmechelen quarry
MAM1S T30:: the typical crystal glass sand, dried and screened at 300 um
MAM1S: the typical crystal glass sand
MAM1: coarser and a trifle less pure than the MAM1S
MAM2: coarser and a trifle less pure than the MAM1
"Cristobalites" (modified SiO2) - Sibelite Brand Name
M72: the only grading
Sibilite M72:
Raw material for: ceramic wall tiles sodium silicate (batch process)
Filler in:
road marking paints with cristobalite grains as anti skid agents
texture coatings
kitchen sinks (silan treated cristobalite flour)
artificial marble
molds for precision casting of jewellery and dentistry, investment casting.
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